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UXDBX Oracle 12c/18c/19c database

Research Engine for Oracle Cloud DB

UXDBX is an affordable research engine for the Oracle Cloud. It provides the ability to view 16 metrics simultaneously, and simply allows extraction of multiple data points from over 180+ metrics for evaluation and comparison. No manual needed. A single function key displays all operational commands in one screen. The user interface is both a command-line and a GUI. UXDBX uniquely and easily supplies raw data to the DBA and the developer for better optimization.

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180+ Metrics

The tool currently provides 180+ metrics and growing

Grid stylized Display

View as many as 16 metrics simultaneosly

Cloud or thumb drive Ready

Copy to your cloud device and it can be accessed anywhere, installation not dependent on the registry

Load a sheet of Metrics

Load a previously grid of Metrics, grids remain persistant between sessions

Save a class of Metrics

Save a set of related metrics called a grid, a grid could be different aspects of memory utilization, etc.

Direct and Ease of Use

No reading through several pages of documentation just to find the main point, Direct and ease of use are what makes uxDBX stand out from the rest.

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Plan’s start at $39.95